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Injection Molding Challenges – Insert Overmolding

Overmolding brass, steel or plastic inserts can be very challenging. Overmolded inserts are usually held in place by shutting off on each half of the cavity or core. Most of the time, there needs to be a preload of .002/in. - .005/in. to insure there is no leakage of...

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The Good Ole Days Part 3 and The Forklift

I was sitting on our forklift the other day and it was acting up which brought back a couple memories from about 30 years ago.  One day, our forklift broke down and we had to send it out to get it repaired which meant we needed to get a rental.  Without...

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The Good Ole Days Part 2 and My Smashed LifeSavers

On my way into the shop this morning, I stopped at a gas station for a cup of coffee and there on the counter was a display of LifeSavers (You know... "A Hole Lot of Fun Candy").  It brought back memories of the good old days back in the late 70’s at Toth Mold/Die. ...

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