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Product Development

People come up with ideas all the time either with a new invention or an improvement on an existing product. After the idea is thought of, producing it is a hard task.  The average person does not know the next step to take.  Toth Mold/Die Inc. can take the part concept from just an idea to a reality.  Toth Mold/Die Inc. can do any part design that needs to be changed to make it an injection moldable part and also design the product to make it functional.  After the design is finished, a part can be supplied in the form of a SLA at a minimal cost to test the part function and part cosmetics.  Part features such as threads, snaps and types of undercuts can be replaced or improved to make producing the mold at a bare minimum cost.  One of the main issues of designing a part by someone who does not have the experience in injection molding is the wall thickness which would not be suitable for injection molding.  Toth Mold/Die Inc. has the experience in designing parts utilizing ribbing to allow for a moldable wall thickness.

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