Toth Mold/Die Inc. has been successfully working with inventors for over 35 years.

injection molding inventors First off, all I would like to define what an inventor is in my eyes. An inventor is someone who has a dream of making a product that will be purchased by the public or be used by the public. An inventor is someone who does not have the experience in producing a product and usually does not have the knowledge of where to get started with the injection molding process to make their dream come true.

The inventor commonly starts off trying to contact larger injection molding companies in hopes they will develop and produce their product. The majority of the time, larger companies will not even give an inventor a chance to present their product. Larger companies typically work with established businesses. Toth Mold/Die Inc. is a smaller injection molding company that realizes everyone needs a break or help sometime in order to get things moving along. When we started our injection molding company over 30 years ago, we needed someone to give us a chance.  That is why I believe in giving everyone my time to at least listen to and evaluate their product.

There have been numerous success stories at Toth Mold/Die Inc. over the years. One of our most successful inventors originally came to us with a very small part he wanted to have injection molded. In my eyes, he was an inventor that needed some guidance to get his product off the ground but was not having any luck because of the low quantity he was asking for.  I felt bad for him.  I knew he just needed a break and for someone to take a little interest in his product.  I quoted him a price for tooling. I just charged him for the cavity inserts and used one of our mold bases. The cost was minimal for the cavity inserts and the part price.  We ended up running 500 total parts. As time went on, we made some other small parts for him.

One year after we first met this customer he invented his dream product and wanted Toth Mold/Die Inc. to design, build and produce the injection molded parts. We quoted the project and our customer decided to proceed with it. This product consisted of 22 different parts in which 10 different molds were needed to be designed and built. Toth Mold/Die Inc. also took our customer’s concept and created the finished product design. That was eight years ago!  Since then we have done numerous additional products for our customer.

This dream may never have been realized if I would have turned him away.  Now that’s what I call a success!


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