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Guaranteed Part Consistency

Do you have a problem receiving parts that are consistent?

Guaranteed Part Consistency
Guaranteed Part Consistency

One issue that causes problems with part function is inconsistent molded parts.  This issue arises from parts that are short shots, excessive shrinkage, gas burns and cosmetic issues.  Most of the time these problems can be resolved with a scheduled mold cleaning and inspection.  Molds in general do not have a scheduled maintenance program due to a cost that is sometime involved.  At Toth Mold/Die Inc. there is no charge for this service on molds that we run. By providing this service, it makes running production trouble-free. 

A majority of the time an inconsistent part is due to a blocked water line, clogged vents or dirty parting lines.  Toth Mold/Die Inc. also offers a service if you do have issues with your current supplier running consistent parts.  We can inspect and do a required maintenance on the mold, run samples and supply an evaluation on anything that needs to be done.

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