Injection Molded Short RunToth Mold/Die, Inc. has recently completed another outstanding project from concept to the finished product. “The Clic-Stic” universal camera handle invented by Floyd Rietveld from Dayton, Ohio approached Toth Mold/Die, Inc. with a great yet simple product. Today’s technology has allowed digital cameras and camcorders to be made very compact, therefore, making them extremely hard to hold still to focus. “The Clic-Stic” universal camera handle easily screws into the standard tripod socket located on the bottom of any camera or camcorder which allows for the device to be held more comfortably and steadily.

Upon initial review of the product concept, hands-on owners Tim and Tom Toth of Toth Mold/Die, Inc. had concerns regarding casting the threads in plastic. Their first thought was to overmold a brass insert, however, the cost of the insert and molding were not within the price range of this product. The 25+ years experience that Toth Mold/Die, Inc. has in molding, material application, and mold making led them to suggest to Mr. Rietveld to try a material that would be strong enough and still have a cosmetic appeal. The material they suggested was EMS Grivory GV-5H which is a 50% glass-filled polymer.

Mr. Rietveld agreed and Toth Mold/Die, Inc. went on to build a one cavity prototype and produced parts to test. Upon completion of testing, approval was given and production tooling was created. Toth Mold/Die, Inc. then designed and built a four cavity mold which runs automatically. The mold opens and degates before the parts are ejected. After degating occurs, the four handles and four plugs are ejected. The handle itself has no ejector pin marks anywhere on the part. Since the part is so thick (1” diameter), Toth Mold/Die, Inc. cored out the handle and made a plug that is put in permanently which makes the handle look like one solid piece. Toth Mold/Die, Inc. is currently running production. Mr. Rietveld is expecting high volume orders.  Below is the contact info on “The Clic-Stic” universal camera handle.

Toth Mold/Die, Inc. prides itself on experience, quality, price and confidentiality. Those are the reasons this product is proudly “MADE IN THE U.S.A.”

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