Toth Mold/Die Inc. – 3 Brothers & An Old School Father!



When we started out some 41 years ago it was a crazy time. Picture three brothers that did not know much at all about the injection molding/mold building trade starting to work for our very experienced “old-school” father. As you could imagine, there were a lot of stressful moments throughout the years learning from our father. Tempers ran high at times, like the day my brother Tom threw a pry bar at me. I ducked and it ended up stuck in the wall! I knew I had to get my revenge, so I came up with the perfect plan. While Tom was taking a break, I ran over to the machine where he was drilling 12 inch deep waterlines into a mold. He had already drilled down about 10 inches, so I quickly took a ball bearing and put it in the bottom of the waterline hole. Now, when Tom came back to drill it would be impossible to drill any deeper! I let him struggle for about a half hour trying to drill deeper when I finally told him what I had done. My father overheard and got pretty mad. I wasn’t sure why because he had done the same thing 20 years before to someone else! The things you do when you are young! All kidding aside, our father did teach all three of us the trade which was clearly an amazing feat. We owe all of our success and love of this trade to the time, effort and patience our father put into being our mentor.

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