I was sitting on our forklift the other day and it was acting up which brought back a couple memories from about 30 years ago.  One day, our forklift broke down and we had to send it out to get it repaired which meant we needed to get a rental.  Without our knowledge, the rental had a hydrostatic transmission which we weren’t very familiar with back in those days.  The first time I got on it to drive, instead of going backwards, I went forward straight through our closed garage door with the forks!  We had to replace the entire 16’ door.  About a week later, we still had the rental and had learned to drive it pretty good.
Big Toe
My brother Steve was driving the forklift and came very close to me.  As a matter of fact, he came so close he ran over my big toe which was one of the most painful things I have experienced as a moldmaker!  To make things worse, that night I had tickets for a Jerry Garcia concert that I was not going to miss come hell or high water.  My toe was throbbing so bad I think I cried through the entire concert.  It’s funny how these memories stay with you as if they happened yesterday.

Thanks for reading… More Good Ole Days stories coming!